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November 2009

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Of a Power Supply - November 14

Late Wednesday evening, when I was thinking I wanted to write something about my mother on what would have been her 98th birthday, my computer's power supply decided it wanted to create some excitement of the "let's short out!" variety.

I used the last of the battery power to post to Facebook and Twitter, knowing that about 90 per cent of the people who know me online would check there. Then I shut down the computer and started thinking how to deal with this.

I decided I'd go see my friend Chris, who works with business machines and knows the ins and outs of power supplies, to see if he had any miracles handy. For several reasons I couldn't go on Thursday, but Friday morning I called to ask if he'd have time to take a look at it. He did, so off I went.

While I was there, I visited with him and his partner, Bradley, and saw the setup for their new-to-me shop (Bradley deals with mostly vintage dolls), and got a lot of attention from their dog, ChoCho, who is utterly adorable and a very loving girl.

The visit would have been wonderful under any circumstances, but it was even moreso because Chris could fix the adapter. I am extremely relieved, because I definitely can't afford a replacement.

I spent time last night getting caught up, and have more of that to do today. I'm so happy to have my computer working again!

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