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October 2009

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Of Bags - October 31

Back in the summer I had to clean everything out of my utility closet for some maintenance work. One of the things that had been stored there was the fairly large box holding a huge supply of kitchen-sized garbage bags I had bought several years ago. I had kept in my kitchen cabinet an old, small box from a prior purchase, and had refilled it from the large box ten or so at a time.

The other day I started using the last bag from the small box, and when I went looking in the utility closet I couldn't find the large box. I did some minor cursing and some major wondering.

The cursing was that I didn't want to have to spend money on garbage bags, and sometimes one just really has to have garbage bags. The wondering was if I had lost my memory. Could I possibly have forgotten that I had managed to use up that huge supply?

I am happy to report that the large box surfaced from its hiding place under a table. I am even happier to report it surfaced before I needed to buy replacement bags. So neither my household budget nor my memory took a hit.

I am taking this as a good omen.

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