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October 2009

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Rings - October 21

More jewelry, not costume this time.

Two rings. $55.00 US each (includes domestic shipping). They're US size 7.

The first: a light smoky topaz. My mother bought this for me at some point in the 1980s, but she and I both knew it was too large for me to wear if I was trying to do anything with my hands other than wear a ring, so she understood I'd probably want to have it turned into a pendant. I never got around to doing that, so my procrastination is to your advantage. It's approximately .75 inch long and .5 inch at its widest. You can have this ring for $55.00.

Light Smoky Topaz - view 1

Light Smoky Topaz - view 2

The second: a Mexican silver ring with what Mother was told was a jade setting, with a carving of a fertility goddess. Mother bought it in Mexico City sometime in the early 1950s. I haven't had it appraised. It's approximately 1.5 inches long and approximately .75 inch at its widest. I think this ring is wonderful, but again, too big for me to wear while working. It would make an interesting conversation piece, and would also make a nice pin or pendant. You can have it for $55.00.

Jade ring

If you want both, you can have them for $105.00.


The costume jewelry noted in this entry is still available.

And completely off-topic: Happy Birthday, Candace!

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