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October 2009

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Monday - October 12

In case you didn't hear this on Facebook, I found out recently that the rule for pages getting custom URLs had changed back to its original number, so my page does have its own name now. I welcome all to become fans of Rebecca of Many Trades. I don't post a whole lot there, so rest assured I won't be spamming your newsfeeds!

The Costume Jewelry is still available. I will edit the post if something sells.

I'm tired and very stressed. Money continues to be a nightmare, jobs for which I'm qualified continue to be non-existent, customers for things I can make or for my business services are hard to come by.

I'm tired of spending so much of my time having to worry about rent and power bills and food and webhosting, and deciding what gets paid and what gets to wait and what goes away completely.

So I'm sending another plea out to the Universe for more customers.

Because I'm a very capable person, with a lot of talent and a lot of skill (and a real distaste for false modesty).

But I do need more customers. Now, please.

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