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October 2009

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Descriptions - October 2

I am removing the descriptions of sold items.

I've managed to photograph the first nine pieces of costume jewelry for sale. If you want something, please use the contact link to let me know: first-come, first-served, of course, and I'll let you know how to pay for things. The items noted below have links to their respective pictures. Prices are firm, because I need the money (and even if I didn't I hate dickering).

All shipping and handling charges are $5.00, but if you order more than one item I'm happy to combine shipping. Shipping to non-US destinations will be extra.

Thanks for your consideration!

Collage of Sale Items

This choker is great with a little black dress, or anything else! 16 inches. $10.00

These clip-on earrings are charcoal gray, with goldtone accent. Base to top, 1.25 inches. $6.00

This pendant and chain have an old-fashioned feel. The pendant colors didn't photograph well; the upper flower is a mauvish-pink, and the lower one is purple. The pendant is 1 inch long and .75 inch across its midpoint. The chain is 16 inches. $7.50

This pair of clip-on earrings has white beads and clear beads. They might be a good pair to remake. 1.25 inches in diameter. $5.00

These beads are, to the best of my knowledge, plastic and fabric-covered plastic, alternating. I really love the clasp. Including the clasp, the length of the shorter strand is 22 inches. $10.00

This bracelet is a hinged bangle. It's approximately 8 inches. $10.00

This leaf pin's veins are lovely thin wire. From base to tip it's approximately 2.5 inches. $10.00

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