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September 2009

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Of "Guiding Light" - September 21

I'm sorry CBS cancelled "Guiding Light." These days, I don't keep up with my soaps very much. I got into the habit of watching PBS Kids shows, and only occasionally needed a dose of soap to keep me happy. I have watched GL most of its last month, though, just because.

And I had gotten annoyed with GL when a storyline they did went far beyond usual soap tricks: they cloned a human character. But I still cared. I kept up with it, and my other soaps, by reading synopses.

I started watching GL back when I was very young. My babysitter watched it (and several others), and I got interested in them, too. Several of the ones from those days have long since gone to soap heaven, but I remember them with fondness.

When I was watching the final episode of GL on Friday, I had in mind all the various people with whom I've shared that story over the years. Most of them are no longer with me, either through death or having moved to other locales.

I guess the same could be said of the characters on the show.

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