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September 2009

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Naysayers - September 16

I hate naysayers. I was reminded of this when someone went all naysayer-y on a friend of mine, and upset my friend in the process. But it goes way back for me.

I particularly hate the kind of naysaying where someone tells you that you're going to fail at something before you even get started. You know---the people who have no faith in you and/or no particular knowledge of the endeavor you're attempting.

That sort of naysaying often has me wanting to ask the sayer, "Who the hell do you think you are?" Since being able to do that is a little unusual, I usually just wind up grumbling to myself (and now to you!) about people thinking they have some magic knowledge of my future.

The more I thought about the subject, though, the more I realized that far more important than what some stranger (or even friend) has to say on the subject is that we not become our own naysayers. We must not tell ourselves that our hopes and dreams will come to naught. That way lies a real potential for us to give up on ourselves.

I've tried very hard to avoid ever naysaying to anyone else. Now I have to remember to be my own yes-sayer.

Yes, Becky, you can.

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