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August 2009

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The State of Things - August 13

A long time ago I was at dinner with a couple of friends. One looked at me and said that I always seemed so strong and able to take care of myself that no one thought I needed assistance. I knew at the time he was right.

Part of that has always been deliberate. But part of it is I don't know how to turn it off. I don't know how, aside from fainting somewhere, to let it be known that I need help.

Right now, it isn't obvious to anyone that I'm broke, discouraged, depressed, and not sure what happens next. And by the way, when I say I'm broke, I mean it.

A few years back, during the last time things were really tight for me, I managed to sell some things and give myself some cushion as well as to help with bills. I also made a significant (for me) loan to someone who is paying me back. But as a result of the economy keeping people from buying my main money-makers (baby blankets), the cushion is nearly completely gone.

Because of the cushion not being where I could get it, I've been stuck with late fees on everything from rent on down for the past couple of months. Which of course makes the cushion dwindle further. There is nothing quite like the threatening letters people can send when you're a few days late with a payment, in case you've never had the pleasure.

And I'm scared. Terrified, actually. I've been keeping this mostly quiet as far as journal entries, But now is time to say it out loud: I'm terrified, I'm broke, and hope is dwindling.

I have been job-hunting locally. I have been looking especially hard for jobs online. I'd really like to telecommute. Locally, prospects are grim at the moment. I won't quit looking, but I'm not really expecting anything to come up very soon. Online, most of the opportunities I've seen would have me invest money in something (not going to do that), or ask me to create a downline (not going to do that, either).

Please don't suggest that I move. I know how to live here, and the rent isn't that high. I have free transportation here. I have friends here. And I have no money to fund even a U-haul move, much less set up a new location.

So the only thing I can do is try even harder to sell the things I make and do, along with some things I own. I have some things from my mom in storage, but I doubt I'm going to get much out of them -- see: economy. In any case, I can't afford to go to its location (near her hometown) to get stuff out of storage and try to sell it. I originally kept the things because they mattered to me. Not much of anything that's a "thing" matters to me at this point. Funny how that changes, isn't it?

Which leaves me with things I have managed to bring here. There are costume jewelry pieces that are really very pretty, but just don't work for me. I doubt they ever will work for me, so I'm getting them ready for sale.

I don't plan to start with eBay, because I need to actually make money from them. Instead, I'll first offer them to people (aka y'all) who know me or have interest in such things, either to use as is or to disassemble for use in crafts. That's definitely coming soon.

So you've read this far and want to know if there's anything else you can do to help besides sending good vibes, prayers, or your good wishes of choice (all of which are appreciated). Why yes, there is.

Obviously, you can keep my business in mind for your needs, and can tell your friends. Remember that I not only make new crocheted items and not-crocheted ornaments, I also do repairs to all sorts of needlework and estimates on that are free.

I also offer some business services, like backing up websites. If you need a distant helper for your office, think of me, please. Thanks to a community effort, I have free wifi, by the way. And if you can think of things I can add to the arsenal of things I do, please feel free to suggest them.

I'm signed up with several legitimate survey sites, and have been for a while (which is how I know they're legit). If you want to join any of those, I'd appreciate it if you let me refer you. It would make me a bit of money and would not cost you any. And the same is true for Cafe Press. I haven't had products there for a while, because I'm sort of out of ideas for things that need to be on tees or totes or mugs. But I still have my account.

Also, I have affiliate links at the bottom of the Rebeccaworks index page, for a store that a lot of people use. If you are one of their patrons and would like to try their online shopping, I'd appreciate your using my link. I'm not naming it to prevent any possible violation of terms of service.

I deeply appreciate the support of those of you who have bought things over the years, and the moral support from many more. Another way you can offer moral support, and in a small way help me get the word out, is to become a fan of my business on Facebook. I admit thinking it's a little silly to ask people to be my fans, but that's Facebook's choice of words. The page is here. I promise to do my best not to spam newslists.

Thanks for reading this, and for all the support.

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