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August 2009

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Midweek - August 5

I did take the camera on my errand the other day, and got some pictures. Which I'll share soon, since I haven't had time to get the facts on the odd sculpture and this is one time when at least some of the thousand words are necessary.

I keep getting weepy when I see clips of Euna Lee and Laura Ling from the morning's landing in California. I am so, so glad that worked out. And I'm wondering if this signals the start of an "elder statesman" role for Bill Clinton, in the manner of the one Jimmy Carter has taken on over the years. This is a time when we can use all the statesmen we can get!

Another piece of good news: researchers at UNC-CH have made some strides in AIDS research, explained here.

There isn't a whole lot going on for me this week other than work, which is going well. As usual, I need more of it. As always, you're welcome to spread the word!

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