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August 2009

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Thinking Out Loud - August 2

This week needs to include some errands, first of which is to get a small check into the bank. That is on tomorrow's agenda.

And I need to get working on some future business stuff, in terms of getting the web pages done.

I've spent a lot of the weekend alternately napping and crocheting. I had thought I might do something wild and crazy like take my crocheting out on the porch, but during prime porch time this afternoon (today was cooler) I was napping. And it defeats the point of crocheting out in the indirect sunshine if said sun has long since gone down.

Also, I want to write about the odd sculpture in downtown Chapel Hill, but I keep forgetting to take my camera...oh wait: if I'm going downtown tomorrow I could just go put the camera in my handbag right now.

(Pause for doing just that.)

Not much other news, and nothing about which I wish to opine at the moment. I think that means I'm at the end of the entry!

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