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July 2009

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Friday - July 31

Ending the month with several things.

I got a request for a business link at Rebeccaworks this week from someone announcing himself as webmaster for a site that sold something I found fairly spurious. After he asked, he went on to add some blather that included calling me dear.

I reserve that word for people who actually do hold me dear, not people who want to use me to advance their businesses.

If you're thinking I deleted the request, you're correct.

I'm sorry this month has not been one with more writing. I've been busy with a couple of projects; one that got finished and sent on early in the month, and one that's in the works. I've loved working on both.

I've also been doing some heavy thinking about future stuff. That last part can be summed up by saying being a grownup is a pain sometimes!

Here's hoping August goes well, for all of us.

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