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July 2009

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July 29

Last night I checked the recent web statistics for Rebeccaworks, and noticed that again someone had come looking for the donation page I set up there in 2006 when things were so financially challenging for me. The page has been gone a long time, but I had saved a copy of it.

Times aren't quite that challenging right now but my cushion is dwindling way too rapidly, just paying normal bills. So I'm putting the page back up, and a link to it back in the sidebar here. I figure the people looking for it want to help out, and I'm deeply touched.

The donation button at Counselgiver is available for anyone going there.

As ever, any such donations are appreciated.

As are more customers!

In other news, this has been an odd day. My plans got a little confused because I wanted to watch the healthcare town meeting held a couple of counties over. I had meant to run an errand, which at some point in the afternoon I decided could wait till tomorrow. And a couple of hours ago, I figured out the time frame for making that work.

Yes, sometimes it does take me a long time to sort these things.

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