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July 2009

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Assorted Stuff - July 23

--I am working on a crochet project that reminds me in very happy ways of my mother. It's the yarn color. The one piece I know of that she ever crocheted was made in crochet cotton that was basically the same color. I think that's why I'm so glad the client picked this color.

--I watched Walter Cronkite's funeral this afternoon. I had heard that this would be an untelevised service, but I'm glad it turned out to be otherwise. I found the whole thing both very uplifting and very sad. It was a beautiful tribute to him.

--Still thinking I might eventually write about celebrity deaths in general. Not tonight, though.

--After watching the service, I did an errand. It was an abbreviated one, since the weather is a little too warm for me to want to be outside in the afternoon for too long. All the same, it was good for my soul to go out and be with people for a bit.

--I am seeing a friend from my hometown show up on Raleigh television news reports because he's in the NC Senate and is interviewed often about the ongoing budget kerfluffle. I won't make comment about the budget itself, but I am glad for the chances to see my friend.

--And on that note, I think I'll end this.

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