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July 2009

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Of Monday - July 20

This has been an evening of wandering down memory lane, what with coverage of the moon landing anniversary and more coverage of Walter Cronkite's death. I do remember the moon landing, and watching Walter Cronkite's coverage of it for CBS. I watched with my mother and a friend of ours.

Earlier in the day I had planned to go do a couple of errands, but about the time I was heading out it started to storm here. I decided I could put the errands off until later in the week.

Even earlier than that, I had downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer. I do wish the language that goes along with that browser wasn't quite so patronizing. I did a minimal amount of setting my preferences, but decided the rest could wait until I really had time to devote to it.

Oh and until I was in a mood to be told I was, in effect, too stupid to be allowed to use the Internet, but if I just insisted, Uncle MS would question me about everything I wanted to do.

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