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Several Things - July 18

Borrowing a paragraph from 2007, with appropriate updates, for this year:

July 16 is a day filled with depression triggers for me, because it's filled with significant losses (of which I wrote eight years ago). Not to leave out the really lovely day I had four years ago.

This year I had all the noted people on my mind, at one point or another during the day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I'm really sorry to hear of Walter Cronkite's death. I rarely cry when a public figure dies. Walter Cronkite's death did bring me to tears, though, because his was the voice that informed so much of my early life.

I may, at some point, write more of my thoughts about people's responses to public figures' deaths. For the moment, suffice it to say that I understand that grief is very personal and that each loss brings up memories. So I won't be the one asking why so many people were so profoundly upset at the recent death of Michael Jackson, for instance.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Other than pondering death and other sad things, I've spent time doing work (which is making me happy), housework, and catching up with odds and ends. It's kept me busy, which is good.

Even if it does mean I haven't written much. Sorry! I hope to get back to a more regular schedule soon.

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