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Of Facebook Pages - June 29

Facebook has recently started allowing people to have custom URLs, to make it easier for your friends to find you. I managed to get my name in the first moments of these being open to the public, and I'm pleased about that because there are several other people with my first and last names who are members there.

They are also doing the custom URLs for fan pages, those pages set up by people or businesses or causes to promote themselves. The rules for getting a custom URL for fan pages were different than for personal pages, to make sure someone wouldn't set up a sham group just to steal the name.

After all, if you thought the page belonged to or was authorized by your favorite actor you wouldn't want to find out you were actually becoming a fan of the ideas of some goofball who could spell your actor's name.

So the rules for fan page URLs were that to get one the first day these were open your page had to have been set up before a certain date and had to have at least 1,000 fans. Those of us whose pages were newer and/or had less than 1,000 fans would need to be patient. Our chance to begin getting custom URLs began yesterday.

I was fine with this. I knew I hadn't made the deadline, nor did I have anything like enough fans for the first wave. There wasn't a number of fans mentioned for those of us who were coming in on Round 2.

Came yesterday and I went to try to get "Rebecca of Many Trades" its own URL. Only to find out that sometime recently the rule had been changed, and pages needed to have at least 25 fans. I, with a newish page and very little promotion to it, only have five. And one of those is me (Facebook encourages people to become fans of their own pages).

I was pondering what to do, if anything, about that. Was it really important to me or the business? Should I write a note on my personal Facebook page and ask people to pretty-please help me get to 25? Should I leave it alone?

Then came this morning when I found out Facebook has changed it to 100 fans.

All pondering completed. This is me giving up the notion of having the custom URL for that page. This is also me being disappointed in Facebook for what looks like a bad case of posting before it knew what should be posted.

I thank those who are my Facebook fans, and of course new fans are welcome at the Facebook page for Rebecca of Many Trades.

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