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June 2009

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Saturday - June 27

This afternoon I needed to run an errand. I was really glad it wasn't very humid out, because it was fairly hot. But I was fine.

As I walked from the bus stop toward the (downtown Chapel Hill) store where I needed to shop, I ran into a couple of people trying to engage passers-by in a conversation about health care. When I was asked if I had time to stop and talk, I said no. That was the truth; I needed to be able to get my errand done in time to catch the return bus.

But even if it hadn't been the case that I was in a hurry, there was no way I was going to agree to stand on the sidewalk in the sun, discussing a complex issue. That would have been decidedly unhealthy for me!

After the errand was finished, I decided to go a different way back to the bus stop. For those of you who know downtown, I went through Amber Alley. That's an alleyway between buildings, and is the way to get to their basements, lots of the space of which is used for restaurants and businesses. I hadn't been through there in a while, so I walked a little slowly to see what was new.

The alley ends at a driveway which could itself be considered an alley. It leads to several parking lots and the backs of several buildings. I walked toward the bus stop, glad to have seen a bit of town I don't see every trip.

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