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June 2009

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Nine - June 24

Today is the ninth anniversary of Becky Says.... It started on a quiet Saturday afternoon with an entry introducing myself to anyone who happened to read it. And went on from there! It's been a constant for me (even on days when I didn't write), through good times and bad ones, and that constancy pleases me.

I have loved this venture from the beginning, and still do.

The year between the last anniversary and this one has been one of great change, for the world more than for me, but for me, too. Mainly for me, it's been a time of much learning, about work-related things and personal ones.

In terms of the journal, there have been days when I had no idea what to write, but was determined that something would be posted...and that has led to entries that were really fun, once I got going on them. And there have been some days when I just didn't have anything to say.

As always, I appreciate that you are out there reading!

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