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Remembering Alice - June 22

I found out over the weekend that Alice Kimball died last week. For all my years in the Chapel Hill area, until she retired last year, Alice ran a shop called Knit-a-Bit. I wasn't her best customer by a very long shot, but I enjoyed the times when I was in the shop.

Alice's journey in life started over 80 years ago, in Queensland, Australia. She wound up moving to the US with her mother, and married a man from Raleigh. That eventually got her to Chapel Hill and the starting of the shop. She was also a frequent guest on a long-gone local television show for homemakers, which is where I first heard of her and the shop.

I have one particular memory of Alice doing me a favor. There was a sample cardigan sweater hanging in the shop, that had been made using a pattern stitch with which I wasn't familiar. Alice told me the name of the stitch, then gave me a copy of the pattern (which was not otherwise a freebie). I still have the pattern, and one of these days I'll make that sweater.

A lot of people loved the shop, and Alice. A lot of people knew it, and her, better than I did. I'm glad I had the chances I did have to spend time with her and to be in the shop.

Rest in peace, Alice.

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