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June 2009

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Error - June 4

It annoys me beyond belief to get error messages from websites that hint it's my fault. The ones that instruct me to tell the webmaster what I've done that might have caused this are the ones that really make me want to scream, but most recently I've gotten word that a site I visit has an expired security certificate.

This one instructs me that I should make sure the time on my computer is set correctly. And yes, I do know people sometimes have the time wrong on their computers, and that sometimes that's on purpose.

But this time, it definitely isn't my computer's clock that's wrong. I'd have to have decided I wanted it to be four days into the future. Not likely!

I did used to think the ones from a free hosting site that said I had broken the Internet were funny. I haven't gone to that site since the journals I used to read there have moved on, but I still remember that as being funny.

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