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May 2009

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Friday - May 29

I love it when I find something I had forgotten about having, especially in a time when the budget is tight. In this case, I found two meals' worth of lima beans in my freezer. Moments in the microwave later and I was having a serving of a favorite veggie, none the worse for being frozen for a long time.

That's been one of the high spots this week. I'm dealing with my own late May depression right now, not as well as I do some years, but dealing all the same. At least this year I recognize it for what it is.

As I write, I'm watching the last "Tonight" show with Jay Leno. I've watched it off and on over the years, but mainly I wind up flipping channels during that hour. Anyway, I wish Jay well as he moves into prime time, and I thank him for the good times.

All through the show I've been thinking about Johnny Carson's last show. Not the show itself, but of sharing it with my mother. And I miss her.

I think I need to stop writing and go watch something not fraught with emotions!

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