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Snack - May 21

Earlier this year I misread the label on a bottle of tomato catsup and wound up buying some with no salt added instead of just regular stuff.

I had opened it before I realized my error, so returning it wasn't going to happen. I used some of it, but by itself it was a little bland for me (and I"m not one who adds salt before tasting something).

And then when I was doing my recent fill-in shopping I grabbed a small bag of potato chips, thinking I had plain ones. Wrong again...I had the vinegar and salt ones. I didn't notice till late tonight.

I really don't like vinegar, and excess salt doesn't work for me, either. But it would have been a real pain to take these back. And I was snack-hungry for something crunchy.

Yep, you've guessed what I did. Put a handful of the chips on a plate, and poured some of the catsup on them.

Not the best snack I've ever had, but it fit the crunchy desire and in a small dose it really wasn't bad.

Except it really made me want a hamburger.

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