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May 2009

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Weekend - May 3

I've been in decision-making mode this weekend, with regards to a future project. That has necessitated some research, which I've done on breaks from the project upon which I'm actually working. In other words, this has been a weekend of crochet geekhood!

In other moments, I've spent some time cleaning up my Twitter accounts, deleting spam followers. For the record, I consider people there spam followers if their only obvious reason for following me is hope that I'll buy something that I wouldn't have it it were free.

On my business/crafts stream, I follow people who want to use Twitter to help sell their merchandise, but it's stuff they make. I welcome those, and like their work, too, even if I am not a good customer.

Also on that stream, I follow several celebrities and a couple of feeds from PBS. I refer to it as business/crafts because that's what I post there.

As to being followed in general, it always amuses me that people will search for a keyword and immediately follow someone who uses that word, without regard to the context.

For instance, the other day I mentioned taking online surveys. That got me a follower who creates software for those surveys. I'm not sure what the person hopes to gain from me, and if the new follower had bothered to read the whole less-than-140-character message he or she would have figured out quickly that I occasionally take surveys but do not construct them.

For giggles, though, I didn't block that follower. If he/she wants to read all my scintillating commentary about coffee or a nap (I mentioned both today), fine by me.

But I have no plans to return the follow!

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