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April 2009

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Thursday - April 30

Thursday contained a lot of crocheting (good) and no useful mail (bad). I hope Friday is better on the mail front.

Also on Thursday I found out why I couldn't get one of the UNC-TV digital channels. Although it shows up in a list of over-the-air channels, a little digging showed me that it's only available on the local cable company's digital cable service.

And I think that sucks.

The channel is known as UNC-ED, which implies something educational, right? But no, the programming is a mix of things, including comedies and Dr. Who replays. The last of those is what I wanted to see on that channel last night and why I went looking on UNC-TV's website after none of my antenna-moving got me the channel.

This is totally new to me. I don't know if it's something done by the public television stations all over the nation, or if it's something that just happens locally. It's definitely not something made obvious in the online programming guide; I had to go look at the pages of the site dedicated to digital television reception to find it.

In any case, I'm not signing up for cable just to see replays of shows I've already seen. If I want to pay, I'll buy DVDs.

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