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April 2009

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Wednesday - April 22

First, thank you for the response to yesterday's entry!

I didn't do anything special to observe Earth Day, just my usual recycling of junk mail when I got to the box. To me, that's a major point. You can do nice things for the earth without putting yourself to much trouble at all.

For me, recycling the junk mail means putting it into the recycle bin at the mailboxes. The bonus is I don't ever have to bring the stuff into my apartment.

In spare minutes this week, I'm sorting through some stuff, deciding what to keep and what goes away. So far, a small amount of stuff has gone away, but its being gone has made it easier to store the keepable. And that is making me happy.

While I've been sorting, I've noticed that a bracelet and ring are missing from where I thought they were stored. I'm not sure when I had them last, because they weren't jewelry I wore often. Before you ask, no I don't think they've been stolen. They're here somewhere, no doubt in a safe place that made sense at the time.

I hope they'll turn up soon, but I suspect the only way to make that happen is to quit looking for them. That usually makes the dust bunnies decide I don't want whatever is lost, you know.

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