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April 2009

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Working - April 21

I've mentioned before that when I'm home and working I watch (more accurately, listen to, as background) a lot of PBS children's shows. One main reason for this is most have have happy endings, even if there have been rough patches in mid-episode.

The world we live in has a lot of unhappy endings. I do pay attention to the news, and I do know things in my own life aren't that wonderful. But watching (listening to) these little characters learn and figure things out and look forward to their next adventures reinforces my hope.

I've had some time today to think about my work, and what works. It varies from one season to another, but consistently the two things that do well are handbags and heirloom needlework repair. I'll probably write more about them later. And business services is a totally different animal. Haven't been thinking about that today.

Two times since I've started Rebeccaworks I've been surprised that something didn't sell better than it has. The first was the Anyday Ornaments. Those are fun to make, and fun to have around. They're really good conversation pieces, and can basically go anywhere. But they haven't caught on as much as I'd hoped they would.

And the second is the crocheted scrubbers I added in January. Not much interest in them. I don't know if people don't like the two colors offered for the scrubbers, or if they just aren't familiar with the concept and in this economy aren't willing to risk it. But I have the satisfaction of knowing that the things work, and work well. In this particular case, if I don't wind up with a happy (sales) ending, I at least have a much easier time having a clean kitchen!

People have asked me if Ive considered opening a shop at Etsy dot com. I have, but from the research I've done, I'm pretty sure it's not the place for me right now. That may change, but for now I'll save the listing fees, thanks. Every penny counts.

I'm not particularly asking for ideas or comments on why the two things aren't smash hits. I don't have my life tied up in them, nor any real expense. Keeping them available at Rebeccaworks doesn't cost extra, and there isn't anything I'd rather attempt to sell in their stead.

To give this entry an ending with some hope, I'll tell you that the project about which I'm not saying much because it's still in the planning stage is moving along nicely.

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