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April 2009

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Redoing - April 20

At some point last year I got a crochet design idea and started working on it. I liked what I was seeing at first, up through about two-thirds done. At that point, I didn't like it so much anymore, and could see that going on with it would not be the right idea. So I ripped it most of the way out.

I didn't rip all of it because I still thought the first part was a good idea, and figured I'd want to use it again.

I wasn't particularly disappointed that the first idea didn't work; that's the way it goes with design. But I did wonder what I'd decide to do next with that base part.

At the same time, I knew I needed to leave it alone until such time as I had a new idea.

At some point on Sunday, I figured it out. I knew what had gone wrong with the first iteration, and it finally dawned on me how to keep that from happening again. So I'm going to be working on the reiteration as time permits. And if this new one doesn't work? I'll rip it out and try another something different.

You do know I'm stubborn?

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