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April 2009

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Odds and Ends - April 14

---A crochet project that I continue to be vague about is going well. Very well. I am very pleased.

---As a result of that, I'm running behind on some things, not least of which is reading journals.

---I'm also a little behind on errands. Those will happen soon. It wouldn't do to run out of coffee.

---I have some stuff on my mind regarding rudeness, but at the moment it's a little too scattered for me to want to commit it to pixel.

---I've read about the stuff going on at Amazon dot com, and am not really sure what I think. If you don't have any idea what I mean, do a search for recent news.

---Spring is getting to be very pretty. Maybe the camera can go somewhere with me in the next while.

---I meant it when I called this one odds and ends!

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