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March 2009

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A Mother Tale - March 31

I told part of this to a friend earlier today, and thought I'd make record of the whole story because it's a favorite of mine, and one Mother loved telling on herself.

The preface: my mother was 41 years old when she got pregnant with me, and I'm an only child. Her mother had died when she was in college, and her sister's only child was born when both women were in their early 20s.

So for the first three months my mother was pregnant she thought she was in menopause and was explaining to herself that being sick in the afternoons meant she had picked up a virus. But finally she got tired of the afternoon ick, and went to see her (our) Uncle Bob, a physician. Uncle Bob was Mother's father's brother.

Uncle Bob listened to her tale of stomach bug woe, asked a few questions, and told her she needed to go see her ob/gyn.

Mother's response to that advice was to ask why. Uncle Bob looked at her and said, "Mary, for a smart woman, you can ask some really stupid questions!"

A few months later, Uncle Bob kept Daddy company in the waiting room while I was being born.

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