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March 2009

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Finally - March 26

I don't know why we got information about the water meter installation that was a week off and not totally accurate in terms of what would happen in terms of water being off, but we did.

Anyway, although we were told they were coming different days, the plumbing contractors actually showed up to deal with installing meters in my building today. I heard a lot of noise fairly early this morning, and noticed there was something attached to copper pipe resting on my windowsill, so I scurried around to make sure I had water stored in case I wanted more coffee (thinking we would be without water till 6:00 p.m.), then waited. And waited. And waited some more.

And was glad I hadn't put anything back in the utility closet.

At 3:30 p.m. a contractor showed up, with a bucket full of some equipment and a vacuum cleaner. I grabbed my coffee cup and went into my bedroom, closed the door, and went on with the stuff I'd been doing while I waited.

Then came a different kind of waiting, for him to finish. At some point another man joined him, and something one or the other did set off my smoke detector. I suspect something was getting welded, though I don't know for sure. Anyway, the taller of the two took the detector down and got it shut off, then I brought it into the room with me where it was away from whatever. It got put back when they were finished. Oh, and my water was only off while the work in my apartment was being done.

Finishing happened in my apartment around 5:30 p.m. I thought that meant the usual quiet of evenings here had begun, but it turned out the crew was still at it in apartments behind and above mine, so I got a major dose of noise that was actually more nerve-wracking than when they had been in my apartment, thanks to the surround-sound of it.

I hope that even if they didn't finish the whole building today they are at least finished with the apartments closest to mine. I'm not sure I can stand another serenade by the copper pipe and smoke detector corps.

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