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March 2009

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Tales of the Tired - March 25

The evening adventure started because the television screen needed cleaning. After that, a computer screen showed that it needed some attention, too. Then the mirror that works well propped on the bookcase showed its streaks and smudges, and while I was cleaning it, I knocked the last of my supply of postage stamps behind the bookcase.

From experience, I knew that I would have to move the bookcase, at least a little, to reach the stamps, and I needed those stamps for bill-paying tomorrow. I moved the small articles off the bookcase top so I could move the thing, and that in turn disturbed some dust bunnies that had been napping. Then I had to relocate the dust bunnies.

I did retrieve the stamps, in case you're wondering. And relocated them, while I was at it.

Earlier in the day, I had gone grocery shopping. I hadn't paid attention when the bagger was doing his thing, which means I didn't notice he had put all the heavy stuff in one bag, leaving the other one with a few very lightweight items.

I discovered this disparity when I picked up the heavier bag. I got curious about he weight after I got home, so I added up the weight of the items. Thirteen pounds in the heavier bag, and about three in the lighter. Oh, and these were my bags; it wasn't that he was trying to save bags for the store.

So I've learned good lessons today. The major ones? Watch out for the things on the bookcase when cleaning the mirror, and pay more attention to the bagging of the groceries!

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