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March 2009

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Still Delivering - March 24

One of the smartest things I ever bought, a bunch of years ago, was my life membership in Carolina's General Alumni Association. At the time I bought it, the GAA was offering a special plan for paying it off over several years, which made it much easier for me to participate.

Knowing there probably wouldn't be a time when I didn't want to keep up with my classmates, at least in the snippets of information that come with such alumni magazines, made that a very easy decision. And it's one I have never regretted.

I actually have more friends in classes other than my own. I skim through those years' updates, too, and read the general news and other parts of the magazines that come my way each year.

And as technology has come into our lives, I occasionally check in on the alumni portion of Carolina's web presence. I've taken a lot of advantage of the e-cards offered...a drawing of Carolina's mascot has wished many of my friends happiness on their birthdays.

Based on the yearly renewal price at the time I made the switch, I have saved a significant amount of money and given myself a significant amount of happiness by making the life membership choice. I love it when something I decided twenty-some years ago is still paying off.

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