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March 2009

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No Show - March 23

We got a note last week saying that on Thursday, Friday, or today plumbing contractors would be here to install water meters in our apartments. We were to have everything out of the utility closets, and be prepared to have the water off from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. whichever day.

I have no idea what happened, since we did not get another note. I do know I was awake, dressed, and had had coffee before 9:00 a.m. each of those days, so there's no way it's due to my sleeping through a knock on my door. I was also outside all three days at some point, and did not see any evidence they were here at all.

So now I'm left to wonder if they're going to show up at some unannounced point this week. Since there is no new information available at the office, I suspect I'm not the only one wondering.

In last week's note, we were told that if maintenance had to move our stuff out of the closets it would cost $25.00. So I don't want to put my stuff back in before I go run errands, just in case. At the same time, I'm tired of having my luggage and the few other things I keep in there in my way.

I have kept the note, just in case. At some point, I'll put my stuff back in the closet, but damned if I'll pay a surcharge for lack of information.

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