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March 2009

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Week Ending - March 21

Back from errand. Hug total for the afternoon: 2. Little kid & parents made happy: 1 set. Strange old men at drugstore: 1. Tired me: 1.

I told the extremely abbreviated version of Friday's events on Twitter, in the post above. Elaborating a bit, I went downtown to run an errand or several. I went to the bank, then headed to Sutton's Drugstore.

While I was at Sutton's making a couple of purchases at the front of the store, a couple with a young boy wound up in line at the cash register behind me. The boy was making it very obvious he was ready for the promised treat for which his parents needed to pay.

I turned to the mother and asked her if they were planning to buy something and pay cash quickly, and when she said they were, I offered them my spot in line, because, as I said, I was going to use my debit card and I understood how it was to have to wait.

What I didn't say was that the child's rapidly rising voice was rapidly approaching headache level, because that was my problem, not theirs. Anyway, they paid for the treat, thanked me again, and we were all happy.

I headed out of the store, then checked the schedule and realized I would have to wait almost an hour for the next bus. That definitely told me I needed a burger and fries, so I turned around, went back into Sutton's and ordered just that. Nobody thought it was strange that I had walked out and come back. The food was its usual delicious, and its usual more than I needed to eat for one meal. So I brought the rest home for dinner.

It was also a good day for hugs. As I was mid-errand, I ran into a friend from my days at Non-Profit #2, and exchanged hugs and chit-chat. While I was in Sutton's, the manager came up beside me and grabbed me around the shoulders.

A few minutes into my meal, the manager again was close by, this time trying to work on the store schedule. I was reading a newspaper and eating, when all of a sudden a man I've run into on the street a few times showed up and inserted himself loudly into the space between the two of us (where there isn't a seat).

I am not really sure what the man wanted, but at one point he dropped something and apparently thought I should pick it up for him. When I was too slow to do so, he leaned over himself and grabbed the nail clipper he had dropped.

That was weird. And the closeness was the last straw in me being too hot. So I used my emergency money and treated myself to a taxi home. I felt a little silly about it, but I really do think I was close enough to the overheated edge that this was the smart thing.

Today, I've been fairly quiet. I meant to do a little more housework than got done, but I got busy reading, then it was basketball time, and I definitely didn't want to clean at that point. Tomorrow will be soon enough for the cleaning!

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