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March 2009

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Saturday - March 14

I took time this afternoon to work on my Twitter profiles. It finally dawned on me that there was exactly the same work-related profile information on Becky Says that I wanted to catch attention on Rebeccaworks, so I edited to subtract a couple of words from the Becky Says one and add more to Rebeccaworks.

Time will tell if that does any good toward cutting down the work-related follow requests at Becky Says. Not that I want all of those over at Rebeccaworks, because a lot of them are thinly-disguised spam in the guise of a legitimate-sounding business. And some are just obvious spam.

Something came up during the day that made me want to learn more about Greasemonkey scripts, which work with Firefox using the Greasemonkey add-on. I love that there are so many talented people wiling to share (for free) the scripts they've written.

I also spent more time working on website tweaks, and plan to have those live tomorrow.

On a cold, rainy day, I was glad I had stuff that needed to be done and no need to go anywhere. It was a lovely day to stay inside.

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