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March 2009

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Week so Far - March 12

Most of this week has been beautifully warm. Today, it started getting chillier, and tomorrow and the weekend it's supposed to be downright cold, with a good bit of rain. Welcome to March in North Carolina!

I took advantage of the nice days to go walking a few times, but I didn't take the camera with me, and I didn't leave the apartment complex. I really should take it on as a challenge (to myself) to find photogenic spots close by.

I spent some time paying attention to March Madness, the run toward the NCAA Basketball Championships, which has begun. The ACC Women's Tournament was last weekend, and the Men's started today. One nice thing about Twitter is that I could do a search on it for "ACC" and get the information I wanted (scores!) without any trouble.

Of course, the search also brought up a list of people who just happened to be mentioning the Tournament, and some of those were fun. Apparently, around 7:30 p.m. there were quite a few people who wanted to tell their followers (and the public) that they were watching the game, or had some other comment to make.

Oh..."ACC" in this instance is "Atlantic Coast Conference." And "NCAA" is National Collegiate Athletic Association. There's your sports trivia for the day!

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