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March 2009

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Pound Wise - March 11

I've started using stick margarine again, after years of using the soft, easily spread kind. This change came about because the brand I was using stopped selling the soft kind a pound at a time, instead downsizing it to 13 ounces.

But the less-than-a-pound still sold for the old price. Which was the same price as a full pound of the stick.

In my mind, that's definitely worth the small effort required to use the stick instead, so that's what I'm doing.

And yes, that is why I was searching for my butter dish a while back.

Last grocery trip I noticed the store now had the stick version of the margarine my mother and I used to use. Not only was it there for me to buy, it was also less expensive. No brainer!

That it takes me back to earlier times? Bonus.

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