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Magic Words - March 6

Today was grocery day. You may recall that I've taken to only going grocery shopping every two weeks or so, and taking a taxi home from the store.

Taxi home is the key. By the time I've gathered two weeks' items, I have a lot to carry. I can get from the taxi to the door rather easily, but the notion of actually going anywhere else on foot with all that stuff makes me laugh. Even just to the closest bus stop.

So I called, and the dispatcher said it would be ten or fifteen minutes. Based on past trips, I knew this was a reasonable amount of time. I sat down on the store's bench (inside) to wait. I don't usually try to read or do any handwork on these short waits. Instead, I people-watch and occasionally visit with someone else waiting, all the while keeping an eye on both the time and the parking lot.

The wait is occasionally a few minutes longer than the dispatcher has predicted, so I wasn't particularly perturbed when fifteen minutes turned into twenty-five. But after forty-five minutes, I decided to call again. The dispatcher assured me they hadn't forgotten me, and a taxi was on its way.

Another ten minutes and the cab came. Making small talk with the driver as we loaded my groceries, I heard the magic words: Spring Break.

This afternoon was the start of Carolina's break, and quite a few students needed to go to the airport. It is very lucrative for the taxi services in the area, and definitely keeps them busy. Had I paid attention to the calendar, I would have changed my shopping plans accordingly, and avoided the frustration.

I did tell the driver that if the dispatcher had said those two words I would have known to go get a cup of coffee and enjoy the wait!

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