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March 2009

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Juxtaposition - March 5

Early this morning, by the clock, I watched Archbishop Desmond Tutu talking with Craig Ferguson. He was the only guest on the show, and the conversation was excellent. I think my favorite thing about the Archbishop is his lovely sense of humor. I am sure that helps him quite a bit as he goes through life, doing service and inspiring people.

And I remember that he spoke twenty-some years ago at Duke Chapel. His plane was late, so a hymn-sing was rather hastily organized to fill the time before his arrival. The congregation was singing one of the American folk hymns (and I'm sorry, I don't remember which) when he arrived. I remember thinking it was so great that someone who was so unassuming was welcomed by a folk hymn.

Later today I thought about this day last year, when Eve Carson was killed. There was a memorial service today on campus, at which people were urged to live out her legacy of service. More on Eve and memories of her are available in the Daily Tar Heel.

And yes, if you were watching "American Idol," this was the same person mentioned by Anoop Desai.

It was interesting to think of Archbishop Tutu and Eve Carson today. When I think of either of them, I think of a person who has inspired goodness.

The world can do with a lot more people like that.

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