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Ideas - March 4

I realized, as it got close to time to leave for errand-running, that I really didn't want to do the whole grocery trip, so I made the decision to split the errands into two segments, and do the downtown portion today. The other portion will probably happen Friday.

Best decision I've made in a while. I avoided the last of the ice and snow, and got in on a couple of sales I would have missed otherwise. And I had a chance to do something fun.

On my way back to the bus stop I took time to look in the window of a store that specializes in fine metal objects (not all of them are jewelry items). I was reminded that if I ever take up another craft that isn't done with thread of some sort, I'd love to learn more about metalsmith work.

Right now isn't the time for me to do that, and yes, I have given this some thought. But someday, someday. There are local sources of instruction in such, and in many more arts and crafts things. And if it turns out I have no talent for it, no harm done, because I will have learned that much more to appreciate in fine work.

In thread terms, I have tried quite a few things I rarely mention, because I can't actually claim to do them. But I do want to get back to tatting, and to embroidery. I've done very little of the former, and quite a bit of the latter, but neither one in the last several years. Must remedy that.

And then there's sewing...

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