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March 2009

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Melting Report - March 3

We still have some snow around, but a good bit of melting happened today. Since the temperature wasn't going to be much above freezing, I decided my errands could wait till tomorrow.

This has more to do with knowing there would still be icy patches in shaded places than trying to avoid the cold.

It was a good day to stay inside, and I had plenty to do to keep me busy.

But it didn't lead to much journal-worthy stuff.

So I'll tell you that I've discovered a few things over the course of the winter, like if I'm using my toaster-oven to make a half-batch of biscuits I shoud take the biscuits out a couple of minutes before the recipe suggests.

Leaving them in the whole time won't result in burned food, but they're just slightly dry if they cook the whole time.

Your mileage may well vary, but if you decide you need to do your biscuit-baking in my toaster-oven, you should know this!

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