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February 2009

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Sunday - February 22

Our local public television network is off to a rollicking start to their five-week pledge drive. I caught a few seconds of one of their very special programs tonight.

It's one that featured a singer whose name I have not heard outside of tv begathons, and if all his work is as atrocious as the few seconds I allowed to be seen and heard, I don't think I'll be likely to see him elsewhere.

At least I hope not.

I'm not sure if people make pledges during some of these shows because they like the performers, or if they are doing something they would do anyway at a point when they really want to mute the program.

Okay, enough about that. I've spent some of the weekend dealing with ideas for more publicity for my business. That would be painfully boring to describe, and I'm pretty sure reading it would send one screaming, so I'll abstain.

Other time has been spent on napping and on housework, with a little time spent paying attention to college basketball. Nothing in need of reporting on those.

Here's hoping we're heading into a good week.

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