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February 2009

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Overwhelming - February 20

I have friends on Twitter who occasionally say they post often enough that they wonder if they're overwhelming the timelines of the people who follow them. While I could understand their desire to be kind, I wasn't feeling overwhelmed and definitely didn't want to stop following their posts.

But last weekend someone started following me on the Rebeccaworks stream. I don't follow a whole lot of people there yet, and this woman sounded halfway interesting when I went looking, so I decided to follow her back. Several hours later I started wondering if that was a good idea.

Today, I finally stopped following her. She was posting more frequently than twice in three minutes, and quite a few of her posts were "retweets." Those are when you pass along a post someone else has made, presumably because you think it has value to those following your posts. In the case of the ones she was posting, I didn't find it to be true.

That sort of posting, for the record, I do consider overwhelming.

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