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February 2009

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Followings - February 10

First, if you've recently started following me on Twitter because I follow/am followed by the Episcopal Cafe, you should know that I'm not Episcopalian, but Lutheran (mostly), and don't plan to change that. But for various reasons I am very fond of, and feel at home in, the Episcopal Church. This has been true ever since my first visit at age 11. So I like keeping up with the news.

And I tend to ignore anyone's suggestions for daily readings or prayer topics.

If, on the other hand, you're following me for some other reason (and I don't know you, therefore am not reciprocating the follow), you should know that I have probably looked in on your stream. If your main goal in using Twitter is to get people to follow your advice about how to use Twitter or other social media, I am not likely to follow you because it irritates the hell out of me to be told how to use something, especially if your advice smacks of "annoy your followers."

As to Facebook, if you're new to me there, you need to know I'll ignore requests for applications, have already done my 25 things (and do not understand why that meme is attracting so much often negative attention outside Facebook), and am most interested in sharing thoughts, not having objects thrown at me.

Oh, in case you don't follow me on Facebook but want to see the 25 things, I also used them in a journal entry a few days it is.

I have also come to a place of ignoring comparisons of social sites. I'll try to offer an answer if someone asks a genuine question about a site or sites I know, but I won't pay attention to someone saying one is better than another. Each of them has its place. They all have good points. And if I don't want to be there, I won't be.

I freely acknowledge that I'm not the world's best little networker. But I do try to be careful to only follow people or issues that really matter to me, because I want to pay attention when those people/causes post something. And I hope to have the same in return.

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