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February 2009

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Twenty-five Things - February 4

There's a meme going on at Facebook where people are tagged (aka invited) to come up with a list of 25 things about themselves. One of my friends tagged me, and this is my list. Some of this is stuff you may know.

I am an only child, but there are several people I think of as siblings.

Most of my friends are not female, but my best friend is.

I play piano and flute.

I compose music sometimes. I'm very likely to add a descant to an existing piece.

I like dogs and cats, but don't really want to be responsible for any pet.

After giving it a lot of thought, I realized I don't want to live anywhere but where I am.

I am very much an introvert.

I rarely answer my telephone unless I'm expecting the call. I do return calls, even the occasional wrong number (if the message was something very important).

I also reply to people (not spammers) who've sent e-mail to me by accident. This occasionally has amusing results.

I hate onions.

I'm allergic to wool.

I think people who question wool allergies are crossing a line. (No, no one has questioned mine.)

Nothing about me is pierced.

I like tattoos on other people, but don't want one myself, mainly because I think I'd spend too much time worrying about whether or not it showed.

I disagree with the notion that insanity is doing something more than once and hoping for a different outcome. I will point you to the many, many times something different does happen, like flipping coins.

I am using a silly example in the above item, but I really do mean what I said.

I am not always good at recognizing something is a joke.

I'm not usually good at teasing, either giving or taking, unless it's painfully obvious.

When I dislike someone, I'm likely to pay attention to the person until I figure out why I dislike him/her. After that, unless I change my mind about the dislike, I ignore the person.

I really dislike individualized targeted marketing attempts (the ones where something personal is used), to such an extent that I boycott the products using such.

I love working from home.

I don't like football.

I like baseball, but vastly prefer to be at a game than to attempt watching on television.

I'm stubborn.

I'm not tagging anyone except the friend who asked me to do this to let him know I did as requested. I am enjoying reading these, and if you'd like to consider yourself tagged (thus invited to do a 25 things), please do!

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