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January 2009

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Farewell, Coach - January 30

I watched Coach Kay Yow's funeral this afternoon. I appreciated the coverage of the service, which was broadcast live on both WRAL and UNC-NC. I think it was a lovely tribute to her, and says a lot about her influence in the Triangle area, that the service was televised.

The service itself was planned by Coach Yow. She had asked that no one but the clergy speak, because she didn't want to play favorites among her former players. She picked the scripture passages and the music. If you'll follow the WRAL link above, you can read more about it.

And included was a video she had made a while back, to be used at her funeral. She used it as a last teaching time, and talked about her faith.

I'm not kidding about the teaching: she sent us away with Bible-reading homework.

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