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January 2009

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New Spam - January 27

I was thinking in pixel (like thinking out loud) on Twitter tonight, and mentioned that I needed to houseclean. And very soon after that, I got a message from a stranger suggesting that when I was tired of doing the housework, I should check out a specific maid service.

That was my first piece of Twitter spam.

I have had people start to follow me based on some comment, like someone who started following me recently because I mentioned an illness (in the abstract; I'm fine). He apparently has a search set up for mention of the illness, and follows anyone who mentions it in hopes of selling his remedy. Since I neither placed an order nor reciprocated his following, he dropped me.

Anyway, I won't be taking the spammer up on the maid service. Although I wasn't specific on Twitter about what needed cleaning, I need to do those things you can't really expect anyone else to do for you. Things like sorting through some papers and other things, making decisions about them. At times, I'd love to hand that over to someone else, but I know I'd regret it the first time I couldn't find something important to me but not obviously important.

I'd rather keep for myself the other part of cleaning, that which often involves soap and water. I find it much easier, at least in part because it involves fewer decisions.

I like that in a chore.

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