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January 2009

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Shopping - January 25

I'm late telling this one, but it did take a couple of days to recover my composure...

I was reminded this past week why it was I think shopping late in the afternoon on a Friday is not the best plan. This is especially true on a clear, warm Friday that ends a workweek in which we've had a holiday, a snowstorm, and some bitterly cold weather.

My trip got off to a slightly later than usual start. Being out at the time I was no doubt contributed to the sights and sounds and crowds. On my way from one bus stop to another I ran into a group of people who were having a meeting on the sidewalk.

You know the sort of meeting I mean. The one where there are five or six people trying to get caught up with each other without accidentally impinging on each other's space. So they were standing in an irregular circle that took up almost the whole width of a wide sidewalk. It was tricky, but I managed to get to the street side of the group without interrupting the meeting.

At the bus stop, I realized another gathering was going on. This one was of people who started their weekend early and loudly. I stayed out of their way, and was delighted when they did not get on the same bus I did. Enough said.

Both the drugstore and the grocery store were filled with people who apparently had never before seen shelves of merchandise. It would be an understatement to say there were traffic jams in the aisles.

My favorite moment of the afternoon was overhearing the two young women blocking my access to the dairy products while the one explained the difference in cheese package prices between the block of cheddar and the same amount of the same cheese in individually-wrapped chunks.

The more-experienced shopper finally got her friend to understand why the block was a better value by telling her something to the effect that for less than the price difference they could afford to buy a knife.

I finally managed to get through with my shopping, without having to resort to violence or bribery. And once I got home, I made note that late Friday afternoon shopping was not only a bad idea for me, but should be avoided unless I want to start carrying an air horn in my shoulder bag.

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