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January 2009

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Cover - January 16

It's cold here. Not colder than it has ever has been, not by quite a few degrees. But it's colder than average. I'd like average back, please.

This particular cold snap has had me revisiting something from childhood. Back then, I used to make sure my baby doll was covered before I went to bed, as would anyone trying to be a good doll mommy. This week, I've noticed I've made sure Timothy Tiger isn't uncovered, either.

I have not extended this trip down doll-covering lane to any other stuffed animals living here. Timothy gets to share covers because he was still in my bedroom, guarding some yarn.

Other things on my mind today are all yarn-related. I've been knitting, and planning some things for down the road. And the weekend coming will probably include quite a bit of the same.

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