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January 2009

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Just No - January 14

I just got a newsletter from a craft-related site, which is of marginal value to me because of the specific nature of my business. The man who runs it has some weird (to me) ideas, and just proved the point in the recent message.

He's now threatening me and anyone else who hasn't signed in to his site recently with slowed delivery of our copies of his e-mail. That's right, I'm supposed to go beg to get the first "send" of his marginally interesting newsletter.

I'm not enough up on the technology he's using to know how difficult it is to send separate scoldy paragraphs to each recipient, but I am sure that it takes more effort than to send the damned e-mail without scolding to anyone who hasn't opted out.

He also asks recipients for information that I don't think he's entitled to have, about craft show applications we may have received. I wouldn't send that to him even if I had it.

One of these days when it suits me, I'll go to his site, sign in, and delete my name from his member rolls.

And then I'll let him know, gently, that I do not respond in a favorable manner to being scolded.

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